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Midlife Love Mastery is an intimate 12-month immersion for women ready for more love, deeper connections and the freedom to be who they are without apology.

You've come such a long way. You're an accomplished woman who's lived a full life. You have given so much to so many- your family, your kids, your career.  NOW IT'S YOUR TIME to design your next life chapter on your terms. You deserve to wake up each day delighted for the day that awaits you. If you're unsure what's next when it comes to your love life and you want to experience deeper connection to yourself and others...

Get READY to...

Put a stake in the ground for what matters most to you and feel worthy of receiving it
Unpack your past and let it go so you don’t repeat the same painful patterns
Attract a man worthy of you and stop settling for anything less
Discover what blocks you from expressing your true self and start living in full authentic expression
Step unapologetically into your love life the way you want it
Get the Top Online Dating Strategies so you can stop spinning your wheels and call in your soul mate
And so much more!

You come home to you! You’ll learn what really floats your boat in life and love. You’ll also learn what are the deal breakers and must haves in your relationships.

You may not even want to have a relationship other than the relationship with yourself and that is totally cool. In fact being in a relationship and dating yourself first is paramount to calling in the greatest relationship of your life. But the most important relationship right now is the one with you, getting to know you.

Once you do the healing work, learn the tools, get a deeper sense of your true self, your worthiness, &  your dreams,  you can call in Next Level Love in a whole new way - with ease, confidence and less drama.

The program came into my life at the perfect time. I was ready to shed the old me and start exploring  what the new me might be like. I was able to go deep and discover things that blocked me, things I had going for me and open up my heart and do things a year ago I never thought I could do.

I was petrified to start online dating again. With the support of Junie, the other women in the group and from real logistical information that was shared, I was able to push through that fear and actually get on. I've actually had some dates with a very lovely man

       Midlife Love Mastery is for you if...

You doubt whether you can really meet someone that fits you and your lifestyle
You’re feeling lonely and scared that you're going to grow old alone
You resist dating and find it a waste of time 
You want a deep knowing of who you are now in this new life chapter so you embrace it full out with passion
You want to get your needs met and NOT let go of what's important to you ever again
You want support from other women where you can share your highs and lows and not feel so isolated or judged 
You're wanting deeper intimacy and want to feel more comfortable inside your body while being able to connect more deeply with a beloved 
In a nutshell, you want to live life in a way that has your heart sing and wake up thrilled to be alive

Before the Love Mastery program, I kept selecting the same guy over and over and I wondered why it never worked out. By doing Junie’s program, I was able to understand why I was choosing the people I was choosing and I was able to break through.  I was able to connect with someone I met 6 years ago and now we're planning our wedding. The program definitely works

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No one falls through the cracks in this program because... 

Your Midlife Love Mastery Program Includes...

Monthly Love Mastery  Trainings
Each month learn the core love skills so you can master your emotions & experience Next Level Love.  Topics include confidence building, shadow healing, inner critic busting, dating strategies, boundary setting, clear communication, strategic vulnerability, relationship clarity, and other important tools to have in your love toolbox.  As you learn you get laser on-the-spot coaching from Junie. 
Monthly Access To Other Love Experts 
You get exclusive access to top online dating coaches, relationship coaches, health & wellness coaches and other leaders with topics that will add to your life & love  tool box. You’ll get dating tips, learn how to love your body in the size and shape and age that it is now and so much more. One expert last year taught the group special aphrodisiacs and other foods to help you with your hormones and your overall sexual health. It's live so you can ask questions.
Sister Circle Support & Practice Session
Come together (in person)  and connect more deeply with your sister circle.  You’ll get your questions answered while sinking into a safe womb-like space to anchor in the tools you just learned.  Together we build our sisterhood by coming together and sharing this journey of love.  Each woman gets to be heard, witnessed and loved up.  
Private Coaching with Junie 
This is a great opportunity to take what you’ve learned and bring it to the next level with individual support. You will be offered advanced Shadow Work® processes to let go of the past and claim this new love chapter head on with heart and wisdom.
 Powerful Fires Rising Retreat 

Where you'll stoke the fire in your heart, get filled up with a new sense of lovability, build deeper connections to your sisters (and yourself) and tap into all the possibilities that are before you as you take another big step toward  your new life chapter.

Fires Rising Retreat

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Dating Do's & Don'ts Retreat

You get a whole day devoted to learning :
  • How to write a dating profile that calls in great prospects
  • Which pictures to use and why
  • Best messaging practices that set you up for successful encounters
  • What apps to use and why

Private Facebook Group

This program is designed so that you have access to support always! There will be exercises to do, steps to take, and a private Facebook page for more support between the sessions. If something bubbles up,  you have a place to go for support. The women really show up for each other, encouraging and loving each other. 

It’s so different from just posting on regular facebook where you get feedback and comments from people that just don’t really get it. Because you’re all walking the love path together,  you all know what it takes to do this journey.  I will be in the Facebook group too.

Integration Week

If you’re worried about finding enough time to take advantage of all the trainings don’t worry. We build in extra catch-up time. The last week of the month is integration week. You get to revisit the videos, dive deeper with the exercises, schedule a buddy call for more support and practice what you’ve learned.

When I started this journey I was frightened.  I was in a relationship that was not serving me but I was so scared to make any decision, whether to stay or move on. With all the tools and learning I received from Junie,  I really transformed into a woman who was stronger and more capable of making her own decisions. I was able to step up and say no for whatever is not serving me and be able to ask for what I want. I am so  grateful to have met Junie; for her wisdom and power she has shared with us all

You will feel held and taken care of all the way through the the year.

Each month there is One intention/One theme. Because it's in bite-size pieces you can pace yourself and digest the experiences so they stick.

It also prevents overwhelm or being a big time sucker. Everything is recorded so you won’t miss anything so it's totally doable and you have time to reflect, practice & share with each other.  You get the support and coaching you need before you take the next step into the next month.

Midlife Love Mastery helps you create a  joy-filled life you can look back on and feel proud to have lived.

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A message from Junie..

I’ve coached 1000's of women reclaim their life and through the years I have learned the most powerful steps you need to take so that you can experience more self esteem, stronger boundaries, better self care and healthier relationships with others.

Over the course of this 12-month journey, you’ll receive transformational coaching that helps you level up your game in the love arena. This dive deep journey will help you believe Next Level Love is possible for you and meet it head on with passion!

Not only that, you don’t do it alone. You go for the ride with a sacred sisterhood of like-minded women who will hold your hand and have your back while you expand your precious heart while inviting more love in. 

Together we will bring to light your limiting beliefs around love and relationships and help you clear them so you can call in an authentic love – the one you crave and deserve.

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The Flow of the Year
Each month you will experience a powerful module that up-levels your love life.


  • Planting Seeds For Your Garden Of Love - You'll get clear on what you want to birth in 12-months and explore what kind of new love story you want to womanifest.  You'll know who or what kind of love are you calling in.  You'll identify where you’re headed and why you want it. We look at what's working and what's not working in your life and we map out the course you to get you to your land of fulfillment. 
  • Dismantle the Beliefs That Hold You Prisoner - You will look at your beliefs around relationships - the programming - and see the patterns that hold you back and sabotage all your relationships, intimate and others.  You will learn what is in shadow and where you might have lost access to some of your most powerful parts inside of you. 
  •  Update & Embrace Your Risk Manager  - With every love story, there is a villain and some drama. You will identify your challenges and see what inner demons are lurking, keeping you in a holding pattern.  You get new strategies with how to get the creepy crawlies to take a hike so you can feel more comfortable in your skin and more confident as you take new steps toward more love. 
  • Access Your Self-Worth - Enter the queen.  You will be introduced to your Sovereign Self, the part within that knows how deserving you are of big love. With her help, you’ll discover how powerful you are and open to what is rightfully yours- unconditional love. Connecting to this part allows you to access the confidence necessary to call in your dream life and know it's possible.     
  • Who are you really? - What do you value most? This module helps you dive deeply into your core values and discover your RELATIONSHIP BLUEPRINT. When you know the depths of your being, you then have a North Star to follow. When you are in alignment, you then call in a very different type of partner. Plus, with or without a partner, this is your inner guidance system. You must know this if you truly want fulfillment in your life. 
  • Drawing The Line In The Sand It's so important to have healthy boundaries. You will learn “CLEAN TALK” a powerful tool that makes difficult conversations much easier and less scary. Good communication is the missing link in relationships and with this tool, you can obtain deeper intimacy and feel a lot more safe in your interpersonal relationships. You will also access your inner warrior to feel your true yes and your true no. 

  • Open Your Heart And Let Love In - Meet your Lover part. You will learn how to take care of your precious heart as you open to new possibilities. You will empty out the hurt and open to love in a whole new way. When you can tap into your vulnerability in a way that isn't scary, you open to deeper intimacy with all.
  • How To Get Your Needs Met - As human beings we all have needs. We meet our needs in different ways; sometimes in a positive way and sometimes in a way that is not sustainable that is self-sabotaging. This month you'll learn how to identify your patterns when it comes to fulfilling your needs and get an action plan.
  • Successful Dating Strategies - Swipe right? All throughout the year you'll learn top notch dating do's and don'ts. We'll dive into your pictures. We'll go over the best dating practices to get you the traction you desire and the success you want. There are great guys out there and there are special ways to call them in.

    ❤️ ❤️  If this is resonating with you and you are wanting more authentic yummy love, then I want to invite you to grab a call with a coach. 

This is a transformational Journey to Call in Next Level Love 

What’s great is during these 12-transformational months, you have the time to integrate the tools into your life. And with the sisterhood, you have support, accountability and love. 

It's a hybrid program which includes 1:1 coaching with me, monthly online transformational trainings, bonus experts to give you more powerful pieces for your inner success, a 2-transformational full-immersion retreats, and a sisterhood of amazing women.  

All this and more so that you can allow love in, in a way that is authentic and safe.

This program is designed so you can open your heart and connect deeply with yourself, others and to allow your true desires to be manifested. You first fall in love with yourself, and then the rest follows. It's magical!

It's Time To Say Yes To Love!
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Midlife Love Mastery is an intimate 12-month immersion for women ready for more love, deeper connections and the freedom to be who they are without apology.